Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum - I smell the blood of a Politician


Is 2024 such a smorgasbord of democratic voting? Nearly one third of the world will be voting this year. It is a massive list from the obvious; USA, UK, Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, India to UN Security Council and EU Parliamentary representatives. In fact, for change of Heads of State to General Elections, the list is 37 countries from Algeria to Venezuela.

My first reaction is where can you go to avoid endless advertising! Do these visual scattershots with earnest pleas for your vote actually work, or just irritate viewers?

In the USA the stories are legion of people pumping tens if not hundreds of millions into elections for Senator, Governor or Congressman that fail! The proliferation of online media means nowhere is safe now. Whether Russian interference actually had any effect in US elections is moot as far as I am concerned. These intrusive messages, that on the whole are toe curlingly condescending, would make zip difference to my choice.

...and another thing

In an age where so many people are worried about single use plastics, think of the landfill full of election paraphernalia this year will produce. If it was all put in one place I suspect Everest would no longer be the highest peak in the world.

...and another thing

Whilst perusing world leaders, many of whom have been ‘elected’ in a very warped version of democracy, there is an interesting observation to be made.

The longer you have been ‘democratically’ elected the more of a threat you seem to pose. Kim Jung Il, Putin, Xi, Khamenei, and Maduro all boogeymen to the West, seem firmly ensconced, feet under the desk of power, for as long as they like. These people seem to screw not only the West but their own people as well. I like to call this type of flawed democracy a kind of electile disfunction?

Whatever your political view of the bidders for the White House, in the scheme of things they are temporary guardians, four year incumbents on a permanent merry-go-round of leaders of the free world. So long as you can boot someone out of office, I feel safe.

...and another thing

You would think nothing is quite as useless as a failed politician but there are trends. Obviously many are lawyers but I was shocked to find that so many worked in education. Its the second most common profession.

For me, I like to see someone who comes from the real world to represent me. Having done a job you could name a pub after. So my heroes for now in the USA, are members of Congress and the Senate who are a car dealer, welder, funeral home director, astronaut or dentist. But my favourite was an Oklahoma Representative in the 1970s. Step forward Clem McSpadden, rodeo announcer. At least he would have pronounced countries and leaders names correctly.

Stay safe

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