?You can’t always get what you wa-ant ... ?but if you try sometimes, ?you just might find You get what you need?


Do we let the little green-eyed monster ruin our lives?

Jealousy is a one-way emotion which if you can turn into a two way one can become a source of deep satisfaction.

 No doubt at Christmas you are a little irked that Aunt Lottie saw fit to give you a pair of socks printed with reindeer’s antlers but gave her other favourite nephew a Rolex.

 True, but in exchange for the Rolex would you really want to be cousin Nathaniel? No. So let it go. You can always get your own back in subtle ways; like asking Aunt Lottie for dinner and sitting her next to someone with opposing political views. Then just serve her something she hates, sit back and watch the show.

 I was never a great athlete at school and was more than envious of the sporting prowess of some of my peers until time for the annual Crick race, a 19-mile run that only the very fittest were allowed to enter. It was a huge badge of honour to be selected... in my view to run until nearly dead.

My crocodile tears at being told I had not made the cut were soon dried as I watched the runners cross the finishing line with pain and exhaustion etched over their chiseled features. One up for the couch potatoes!

...and another thing

I admit to sometimes being a tad envious of fame. You get all best seats in a restaurant (let alone never being told it’s full that night), rarely given a speeding ticket, get showered with groupies and freebies and make a healthy income but…, you can never surreptitiously pick your nose or take a pee in the woods without someone whipping out a smart phone. Before you can yell ‘Privacy’ you are a You Tube sensation.

...and another thing

Those in the spotlight also love to award themselves gongs and prizes, be it Pulitzer, Emmy, Grammy or Oscar.

I have to admit I am transfixed by these events when the camera zooms in on every contestant, so we can see the purse string smiles the moment their bitter competitor wins the prize.

I just wish for once true emotions slipped out and we could watch a loser mouth ‘WH—-AT THE F^CK’!

If I was an agent, I would definitely advise blatant green eyed jealousy as I guarantee getting the photo of that reaction in every paper in the world! Lose the award, gain $ millions in publicity.

...and another thing

If beauty and good looks irk you, use your brain to fight back. At one event in the 1930’s Margot Astor famously attended a glamorous society party along with the great Jean Harlow. Everyone was making a fuss of Jean and ignoring Margot.

 A reporter came up to Lady Astor and asked for her name and a quote.

 ‘Is that Margo with an O or Margot with a silent T,” the reporter asked?

 “A silent T, like Harlow (Harlot),” was the icy reply. Touché

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