Champagne to our real friends, Real pain to our sham friends


The long silence?

Apologies all round.

I have just completed my third book, giving my agent the pitch of two completed books to secure a new publishing deal on top of my published first book Fall Out (by MN Grenside available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle or audio book. Got to be allowed a plug. It’s Christmas)!

This has meant much of the time when I would be tapping out these missives I have been completing the trilogy. Even as I write this on a plane to New York to see a number of producers about film and TV rights, I have spent a few hours noodling over book four.

I thoroughly enjoy my new occupation as a published author, despite some days of staring at a blank screen for hours on end. Even more frustrating is deleting large sections that a few days before I reckoned were ubergripping but I see now are as exciting as watching toast get cold!

Writing is the creative equivalent of three steps forward and two steps back…with a zillion miles to walk.

So, this is my apology for my recent silence and undertaking that normal service will be resumed in 2024.

...and another thing

In addition to the writing I have also been grappling with a debacle following my own overblown trust in other people.

I have had to unravel a business problem that makes the Gordian knot look like a simple bow. Luckily others are deeply involved in the resolution who are decent honourable and creative.

I obviously have faulty wiring when it comes to judgement. My wife is a far better judge of character than I. However I like to look at this naivety as an inspiring optimism in my fellow man! She however thinks I am soft in the head!

As a thriller writer greed and overblown self-belief are foibles that are my characters’ stock in trade. Indeed I am happy to create characters I would not trust to pay me a compliment! However in real life I cannot always spot them.

Clearly, were I a Buddhist I would accept my recent fate as due to a past life of pulling wings off flies, being an overzealous parking warden, or a mime artist who won’t leave you alone pretending he is stuck behind a pain of glass.

...and another thing

It’s the season to be jolly and get indigestion. I am about to see my two sons, respective daughters-in-law and three grandkids living in the USA. I will also be celebrating with my parents-in-law for their 60th wedding anniversary; they eloped on Christmas Eve.

I wish you all a cracking Christmas and a fabulous 2024. Just don’t trust everyone!

Stay safe

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