Bruce Springsteen was right... ???? 57 Channels and nothing on????


Can’t I find something to watch? The most common question I get nowadays is not about COVID measures, UK versus EU or how Donald Trump combs his hair. It is... “Have you seen a good series recently?”  There are two things we all have in common during lockdown. One is continually opening the fridge and expecting to see different content despite not having been to the shops to feed it. The other is binge watching TV series, despite earlier stated noble ideas of learning via the Internet fluent Swahili or being able to perform open heart surgery armed only with a Swiss Army knife. This is where Springsteen was prophetic in his song from 1992. You would think with more drama being produced than ever before this would be easy. There is no doubt that the best of television now is the best ever created. The most talented writers, stars and directors are forming orderly queues outside the offices of Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO and Amazon Prime. Unlike us at the cinema. However, I have a problem. Everyone wants to create a Fargo, The Bridge, Breaking Bad or other cutting edge shows. Sadly many fall as flat as one of my soufflés. Can we not have a sprinkling of less edgy but more accessible shows? Not every lead has to be damaged, not every scene shot at night or every plot about the evils of drugs, dysfunctional families, child abuse, serial killers or big Pharma. (PS this last group along with another baddie, single use plastic, have just saved our asses so back off a bit maybe?) I am not asking for wall to wall Murder She Wrote or Midsomer Murders. I have sleeping pills that have the same effect. However, there are numerous thrillers, drama stories and even comedy books out there that are a little more mainstream and would make great TV. Or do I need to be put down as I am obviously getting old and crinkly?

...and another thing

All this slightly weird TV has lead to a new phenomenon.

Watch in hope

 There have been numerous instances after reading reviews on Rotten Tomatoes saying this show or that is better than the Second Coming and I am scratching my head after five hours asking if I am missing something. Even more extraordinary, I buckle down and double up and carry on watching for a dozen mind numbing hours getting to the finale, only to understand my initial gut reaction was right; some of the reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes are just sadists. They had to sit through this nonsense and waste a dozen hours. So now you have to!

...and another thing

This feeling you have to watch to the bitter end has created another phenomenon.

 Divorce viewing

 There are times when I would rather stick needles in my eyes than continue watching certain shows but my wife still has the ‘watch in hope’ syndrome.

This means she continues and I have to watch a movie rather than start a new series without her. This is all fine when it’s only a 12 episode show. However, recently she got hooked on a series that for me had all the appeal of a bus driver’s sock. It had 62 episodes. I lost my wife for two weeks!

In the meantime, if someone has a nugget to suggest send me a note. With no guests for Christmas I need something to watch to help me get through the other ‘series’; How to eat three dozen Turkey left over sandwiches!

 Happy Christmas and can we have a good 2021… or if not something good to watch on TV!

 Stay safe.

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