W.H.O. are you, ♫ whooooo-hoo, ♫who-who?


Not add suggestions to compliment the W.H.O award to Robert Mugabe as Goodwill Ambassador? Nobel Peace Prize:  Kim Jung Il Comeback of the Year:   OJ Simpson Humanitarian of the Year:   Harvey Weinstein Good Housekeeping of the Year:   FIFA Conde Nast Holiday Destination of the Year:   Barcelona Spain Catalonia, Europe Most in Demand After Dinner Speaker of the Year:  Bill Cosby Airline of the year:  Ryan Air Most Anticipated Invitation of the Year: President Trump to Buckingham Palace Crime Reformer of the Year:  President Duterte of The Philippines Toy of the Year: The Cowboy Outfit formerly known as a Goldman Sachs Diplomat of the Year Award:  Dennis Rodman Employment and Career Advisor of the Year:  Anthony Scaramucci

...and another thing

STOP PRESS. Award to  Mugabe withdrawn… why not replace Robert Mugabe at World Health Organisation with Lance Armstrong?

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