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Am I exhausted?

The last year has seen a few upheavals and I now find myself with a bit more time on my hands.

 I am being horsewhipped into training five days a week, with my wife giving me the evil eye every time I even mention a carbohydrate.

“Get fit. More energy. More time to do things,” seems to be the mantra.

There is only one solution to get any relief. Find another challenge.

...and another thing

As the bloom of youth has faded a little, six years training to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant or vet seems a little ambitious. I was never much good at studying and needing to go to work when I left school, I never went to university. I can proudly say the last exam I passed was my driving test. During my life the road to success has often been under construction.

So what can I turn my attention to? The standard jobs for English

Public School (private in US) dimwits were stockbroking and Lloyds of London insurance. The former has now changed beyond all recognition from clubby chitchats passing on inside information and three martini lunches, to Gordon Gekko snake pits of ruthless greed. Your darkest enemy is your work colleagues (a bit like Formula 1 drivers). As for Lloyds I gave that a go forty years ago when I did Kidnap and Ransom and Product Extortion insurance.

...and another thing

Well of course Producing requires no university qualifications and I may have a tempting offer there and writing my next book is really a full time task… though writing barely pays the dog’s food bill let alone mine!

There are the more lucrative ventures of drugs and gambling. Again drugs were sort of covered by Dragonfly, the CBD business I co-founded and am fiercely proud of; fingers crossed it will be going public soon and sail on to greater heights. Gambling requires maths and I have to undo my flies to count to eleven.

Even pornography, which used to be a gravy train has fallen to the power of free media and is no longer the cash cow it used to be. Playboy is laid low and Penthouse fell.

The truth is I was correct when I was asked by my career officer when leaving Rugby School what I wanted to be.

After giving the question serious thought I replied…

“An heir.”

I got beaten for not taking the process seriously.

Stay safe.

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  1. BAB says:

    Cooking lessons!! Speaking tour for andanotherthing….auction advisor(sellers & buyers) Run for community office??
    Devise and run a car rally. Shall I keep going???

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