?Whoa-ooh-oooh... whoa-ooh-ooh...? Every’bunny was Kung-Fuu fighting....?


It’s Sunday... it’s Easter... it isn’t Easter... it’s April Fools’ day. One of life’s mysteries is how can one religion, Christianity, not agree on the crucial dates of Christmas and Easter? Even with divisions between Shias and Shiites they can all agree on Ramadan... and the whole world agrees on April Fools’ Day, the Olympics and the World Cup,  (well except in UAE when their bid for 2022 won... despite their application clearly stating the date in June but they actually meant November). Now the temptation to take advantage of Easter and April Fools’ days falling in tandem is simply overwhelming. I have six guests coming to stay and empty my wine cellar but on Easter morning I shall make everyone paint the shell of a hard boiled egg at breakfast. “Right close your eyes and I will go hide them in the garden. Whoever finds his or hers first gets a free lunch at one of Malta’s finest restaurants, the last one pays the wine bill. If you don’t find the egg at all, then no lunch.” I will of course throw the eggs over the wall into the sea. My friends will hunt high and low in 25 degree heat for about two hours before I will yell out from the car driving en route to the restaurant booked for lunch.... “No eggs. April Fool.”

...and another thing

Just under 2,000 years ago when the Good Lord rose from the dead and appeared before the Apostles on a similar Sunday in April did  St (Doubting) Thomas mutter,

“I’m not falling for that one. It’s an April fool.”

...and another thing

As to the mathematics of why Western, Orthodox or Greek Easter and Christmas fall on different days….. I don’t care. Can’t anyone with a full time job in Christian Organised Religion (diary division), understand how ridiculous it looks to an agnostic or atheist?

How on earth do you expect me to believe there is a man with a grey beard who lives in the sky and loves me very much but his own church can’t work out his son’s birthday or the actual Sunday of his passing/resurrection…

Let alone deal with problems that the Jews and Muslims argue he died on a Thursday anyway!

...and another thing

I worry Easter will go the way of Halloween, Mother’s day and Christmas and become an excuse for retailers to make me feel guilty not buying someone a present! Each year the commercialisation gets stronger with bunnies, lambs and eggs all vying for brand Easter.

Me, I just wish they’d make up their mind which day it should fall on. If it was up to me, it would always be April 1.

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  1. Peter says:

    Presumably your guests do not read your blog !! Otherwise I suspect the joke may be on you ….

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