2021... about bloody time!


I shall stay up till midnight this New Year’s Eve?

Like guests who have overstayed their welcome and I shed crocodile tears as I wave a relieved good bye, I shall bid an un-fond farewell to 2020.  Indeed, I shall stay up to make sure we do go into January 1st 2021 rather than have Groundhog Day and get stuck on 31 December 2020.

There is no need to dwell on the all the obvious reasons of why I shall be ecstatic to say Adieu to 2020; US elections, riots, Brexit and COVID.

Here are a few less known things that have expired and I am saying goodbye to in 2021.

My Tabasco sauce of five years,

My Lea & Perrins of ten years ago and

Any Twinkie cakes buried in the cupboard and bought when my Kindergarten teacher was born must also now go the the giant dustbin in the sky.

I know that within a month of every electrical guarantee expiring, the gadgets will all go phut... unless I paid money for an extension on the guarantee. The equipment will duly give up the ghost the next day after expiry of the longer warranty.

Unbelievably, beer only lasts four months from bottling. Whoever has kept beer that long anyway?

...and another thing

Deep down I am an optimist. The glass is half full rather than a theft in progress. Yes… if COVID carries on much longer we will need genetic engineering to grow our own masks but there are some sunny uplands.

 We might get the Olympics. The Eurovision Song Contest would survive a nuclear blast so that will be on. Who knows, I might even find out why

the chicken crossed the road or Kay Burley still has a job. The excitement is overwhelming. (Kay Burley is a fiery Sky News broadcaster who mercilessly condemned anyone breaking COVID rules and promptly held a birthday party breaking all the rules herself.)

 However, at least we will be able to sign documents again with just the year 21 rather than 2020. If you just wrote 20, numbers from 21 upwards could be added. Doh. Too late now if you just signed 20.

 Good or bad though it’s the unexpected that makes memories, so after 2020 surprises, 2021 will have to go some to stick in the memory. Maybe little Green men from Mars, a photo of the Loch Ness monster, an encounter with Bigfoot or a concession speech from Trump. OK last one a bit remote.

...and another thing

And what new words will get force fed into our vocabulary to compete with 2020s Social Distancing, R rate, Pandemic and of course Megxit?

 My personal favourites would be Grensidelotterywinner, overseasholiday and super-slim!

 Whatever words you chose, I hope you get them!

 Happy 2021 and I hope you are reunited with family and friends soon

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  1. lori says:

    Hi Mark,

    I will do exactly as you do: will be up till midnight and later to be sure 2020 was kicked out and off for good.

    Happy 2021 to you too

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