2023 ... hero or villain?


At the beginning of each year, do we go through this ritual inspection of the chicken entrails to reveal the booby traps or goodies awaiting us in the New Year? If you are a sentient being with an IQ bigger than your shoe size, you already know the answer. In sport there will be a couple of upsets, otherwise the usual suspects clean up at everything. Politics and global warming will get hotter and a couple of natural disasters will blight lives. Mid-summer a silly story about some animal being able to perform open heart surgery, play a Beethoven sonata or predict the outcome of a football match will make worldwide headlines. A big rock star will fall off his perch as well as a past-it-sell-by-date TV show will get the ax. Two certainties are the winner of the Best Actress at the Oscars will cry, and then suggest the category is sexist and should just be for best actor.

...and another thing

Rather than ponder on the unfathomable, I take a scintilla of joy wondering about the things I could do that might cause the odd ripple.

I could suggest to a double glazing cold caller the name of someone who has deeply pissed me off as someone who has just bought a new home in need of their services and pass on their mobile phone number.

I could suggest to Elon Musk he give an all expenses one way ticket to Mars for Harry & Meghan so they can at least be left alone and be free to save an entire planet single handedly. The added bonus would be to let the rest of mankind struggle to survive, without the pair regularly popping up in the media like a pair of wack-a-moles.

I could drive my motorbike in a cycle lane and if stopped, say my motorbike now identifies as a bicycle.

I am very tempted to begin a campaign called Save Oscar to get the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to get its head out of its ass and realise TV needs to be included in the Oscars, or in five years the Oscars will be as irrelevant as last week’s lotto ticket.

...and another thing

Amongst other things that are fun to noodle about that I can control next year are holiday destinations, presents, diet or lack of it, movies and shows to watch and movies and shows to avoid.

I have finished my next book, The Bastion, so will be deep into publishing date and tours.

Most important of all I wish you all a great 2023 and offer an apology for one more certainty. At least one blog will offend you.

 Keep safe.

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