Are there no ghosts from the Stone Age?


If you believe in things that go bump in the night (excluding booting the dog off the bed) has anyone been haunted by a club wielding Neanderthal dragging his wife along by her hair (just her head of course)? Or how about being spooked by a crazed sixties groupie, complete with kaftan and red sunglasses (but minus her teeth following a lifetime of heroin abuse)? No. How is it mankind has existed for several millennia, yet ghosts did not seem to really get their act together till circa 1500 and lost interest around 400 years later? Clearly an enterprising soul from the other side set up a decent post life ‘how to spook academy’ around 1500. Admissions for this phantom University seem to have reached a peak from the “Burn them! Burn them!” Witch Frenzy of 1560 till the end of the Victorian era at the turn of the 20th Century. That was the real prime time for ghost and ghoulies. After that, it all seemed to quieten down. Maybe spirits found something better to screw with? It is mildly worrying small electrical equipment with its inherent gremlins came into our world about then…but that’s the subject of a different blog……

...and another thing

The perception of ghostly things being ancient is the real myth. Not only do playing cards pre-date tarot cards, but the Ouija board was in fact invented and patented in 1890.

And you, the woman about to blog me… your favourite colour is purple, the number you are thinking of is 11, you are a Capricorn and in a previous life were the High Priestess for Ixcacao the Aztec Goddess of Chocolate, hence you addiction to Milky Ways…….

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  1. Magda says:

    😉 Allo…Win…Halo…Win 😉

    The spirits around here…Certainly descending from a survivor who escaped the flames in the 16th century…are replying for the woman blogging you :
    Yes that is correct and blue, and orange 😉
    Yes but in a Scottish accent 😉
    Yes a Capricorn as a mix between a goat and a fish ;-), however she was born in Spring.
    She says it would have been great 😉 And yes she is still loving Chocolat and is as always addicted to Milky Ways and to the oceans 😉

  2. Peter says:

    Fascinating blog. There are more things in heaven and earth et cetera. My lovely wife who’s actually descended from Mary Boleyn will tell you some of her interesting experiences when we next meet.

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