Casting call for Aliens in next Star Wars movie. Only real Aliens need apply!


Is there now a huge gerfuffle over actor Jack Whitehall being given a role as a gay character in a Disney movie? Not because Disney are giving a prominent role to a gay character but because in real life he is not gay so some say he should not get the role.

When I was a Producer casting for roles, I chose the actor or actress best able to portray the character. Doh! It’s called acting.

So does this current nonsense mean that John Hurt should never have played The Naked Civil Servant, a multi award winning production about the first real gay activist Quentin Crisp?

Sean Penn (a renowned swordsman) got an Oscar for playing the gay Harvey Milk.

On the other side of the coin Rupert Everett has played a hunky heterosexual numerous times and gay Cynthia Nixon played Miranda Hobbes, one of the man eaters in Sex and the City.

This debate is utter nonsense brought on by people whose IQ matches their shoe size. Please would someone with some real credibility in Hollywood stand up and tell them to shut up.

...and another thing

These are the same people who are arrogant enough to know better than the original creators of their characters and decide character traits need ‘updating’.

Yes, some of our literary heroes may be of their time and so an anachronism now, but so what? You cannot lay current day values on top of stories written in a particular era.

If we let the PC crowd rewrite everything to their taste Treasure Island would be all about how the physically challenged Long John Silver got over his disability and why Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights really started Cathy off on the ‘me too#’ campaign.

No doubt these same airheads are shocked at the social injustice of the downtrodden and miserable Mammy in Tom and Jerry, let alone aghast at Tom’s sizeism towards Jerry and the unrelenting violence in their relationship.

...and another thing

Sorry… but the next Bond is to be Tom Harvey. Firstly Producers Barbara Brocolli and Michael G Wilson need to make at least four films to establish the character and get the audience to fully fall in love. That’s eight years of production, ten years with five films. So no one over the age of 45 need apply. Bye bye Idris Elba and Damian Lewis (let alone Ian Flemming’s Bond was  Scottish. He was neither a carrot top nor of Sierra Leon descent either, no matter how good actors they are).

With the success of ‘The Mission not quite so impossible as the audience thought’, you need a real athlete to compete with Tom Cruise’s antics. Goodbye Orlando Bloom and Nicholas Hoult. Sadly that also rules out the stellar Cillian Murphy unless he goes off on a diet of steroids and power bulk drinks.

You need arrogance and danger and an anti-establishment figure in an establishment suit. Cheerio Tom Hiddlestone.

You need to be tall….or at least not toodle-loo Jamie Bell and David Oyelowo.

You can’ be in another franchise so hasta la vista Michael Fassbender ; Assassin’s Creed and X-men.

And of course finally you need someone who can act; so bye bye Henry Cavill.

Of course Hardy might turn it down so an outside bet could be Aidan Turner. But all things being equal, Tom is the man.

Then again if those who decried Jack Whitehall had their way, EON Productions would have to cast someone who was actually a spy.

To be fair a real spy was in Man with the Golden Gun. Christopher Lee was a spy during the war and even afterwards he hunted down escaped Nazis. But then again we all know he was really a vampire and that’s how he got into movies when he answered a casting call for the undead for Dracula from Hammer Films

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