Disco. It still exists. Only in nightmares. Or holidays


To add to the list of things you do on holiday and leave on holiday is dancing to disco music.

...and another thing

Believe me it doesn’t matter if you are in the clubs of St. Tropez or the rave  beaches of Minorca. There is only so much electronic buzzsaw tunes a human can stand.

Then suddenly a DJ pops on an Abba song to show how crap 80’s music is and a tidal wave of humanity hits the dance floor.

...and another thing

There are just some things you cannot kill. Dracula, Politicians’ dress sense, and disco. Embarrassing at the time with naff lyrics, disco ball lighting, clothing that was 100% synthetic, and a cloud of cocaine. However, the falsetto tones of the Bee Gees or thump of Donna Summer linger like the Banquo’s ghost of the music industry.

Disco music is the Pringles of our musical memory. You can’t have just one, you know they are totally synthetic but it’s an irresistible guilty secret. Plus you share this with just about every other sentient being on the planet.

...and another thing

I hate to disappoint the Gods of musical taste who tell us what is or isn’t musically relevant, more people recognise and can recount the lyrics of Boogie Nights, Dancing Queen and Saturday Night Fever over anything from Coldplay, Ed Sheeran or Linkin Park.

In fact this embarrassing pimple on the backside of last century’s cultural history, will probably survive far longer into the future than nearly anything recorded in the past 25 years.

Yup. Your great great grandchildren will still sing “Get down on it” yet will probably pull a blank look if you mention U2. That’s popular art for you.

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