Do EuroMillions or the National Lottery owe you more??


For many £2 for a lottery ticket is just cheap therapy. That jackpot dream allows you to fall asleep at night with the daily problems pushed to one side as you carefully plan out what to do with your imminent win. If you play on line, you might receive this email. “We’ve got some news about the ticket from the draw on Tuesday 17th February. Please sign into your account as soon as you can for more information. For a brief moment this can revive the night time fantasies until you log into your account and reality bites: “Congratulations! You’ve won £2.60 on EuroMillions ticket number xxxxxxxxx on Tuesday February 17th.” But did you win £2.60? Not by my maths….not by a long way.   If the stake to play a game on the EuroMillions or National Lottery is £2 surely it should be deducted from your win? It’s the return of your stake. What you win is on top. Therefore if your stake is £2 you surely don’t ‘win’ £2.60, you actually win £0.60 and get your £2 back? That seems to me to be overvaluing success by around 250%. Anyone out there from Camelot or National Lottery Commission to put me right?

...and another thing

If you do play, don’t waste your time on consecutive numbers. The longest streak in over twenty years in the UK was only four consecutive numbers so any more is a real longshot…… yet over 10,000 people put down numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6! So if the jackpot win is £2,000,000 you would win £200.

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