Ego and vanity; brain food for aspiring politicians


Do we take seriously aspiring politicians with self-delusion as to the breadth of their appeal? It’s the same question as to why do actors, writers and rock stars who are successful in one endeavour think that qualifies them for another? I don’t ask Dr. Ruth about which classic car to invest in or Stephen Hawking’s advice on writing a silly blog, so why the hell does an actress know more about diet than a dietician, a casino owner know about politics or a rock star about distribution of tax? The answer is pure ego mixed with an unhealthy dollop of sycophancy all wrapped up in the press. If the entourage around these people say “Wow you’re a genius!” They start to believe it and all drink the poisoned Kool-Aid.

Kayne West is a successful and talented rapper and producer. Despite his avowed distaste of the paparazzi and press maybe this week’s announcement he intends to run for the Presidency in 2020 was the ultimate trump card of getting news coverage at the MTV Music Awards? I mean he cannot be that self- delusional, can he?

He might like to reflect that to win any election it’s not your core acolytes you need to win over but all the rest.

Clearly he has sung out lyrics that are not exactly election friendly.

“F*ck you and your corporations, ” may well please the rapper masses but is a tad hypocritical from a man who makes his millions from corporations and is not ashamed to spend it on corporations be they Gucci, Bentley or Louis Vuiton. Referring to the mother of his child as “my perfect bitch” might not endear him to female voters. So industry and women offended in just two examples but his ego and those around him tell him to run for the highest office in the land. He has about as much chance of getting a meaningful vote as me finding a tap dancing oyster.…but again maybe that was not the point of his MTV announcement.

Bluster and ego are intoxicating but your talent has to extend beyond populist spouting. I suspect if we all took a walk through Kayne West’s deepest political thought we wouldn’t get our feet wet. Same with Russel Brand, an extremely clever man who enjoys fooling those less intelligent, at the same time as decrying anyone who can see though him. I dunno, maybe he’s just having a laugh at our expense. I wonder what his ex-wife Katie Perry might say?

...and another thing

Donald Trump. C’mon America are you kidding us? The guy probably has enough skeletons in his cupboard to cast an entire Ray Harryhausen movie. If his diplomacy is like his hair style -‘It fools me, so surely it convinces you?’ foreign leaders will get stomach cramps from laughing.

But what is scary is the crossover in belief that running a business is the same as running a country; that’s a non-sequitur. Just ask Italians how Silvio Berlusconi ruined an entire country’s self-esteem and bankrupted the economy? And he was allegedly even richer than Trump, with less hair and threw better parties.

La Donald, if you make a mistake in business you just go bust or into chapter 11 etc; sound familiar? In politics make a mistake and we all disappear in a puff of nuclear fallout (though I suspect even then Trump’s hair will survive). I suppose it’s fair to say that he has moved the debate on but if the Republican Party want to have a hope in beating Hilary Clinton maybe concentrate on points she cannot dispute. She’s an insider, rich and at 70 is old.

Put up someone young and fresh and you may have a chance. Not Rubio, he appears anti abortion. Politics should not be in the womb business. The moment any religion shows me they have a burial service ceremony to respect the death of a child, because the mother has sadly miscarried at eight months, they can at least have a moral platform to discuss the issue of abortion. As far as I am aware neither the adherents to the Bible the Talmud nor the Koran address this very sad event.

...and another thing

In the UK Jeremy Corbyn is probably going to become the new leader of the Labour Party. Labour are currently in opposition. Corbyn’s acolytes support his sincere, though in my view outdated, extreme socialist beliefs. The fact the previous Labour Leader Ed Miliband lost the last election as being too left wing does not deter the Labour Party activists and Trade Unions (who all vote for a new leader along with MPs) in being convinced they know better than the electorate who should have an even more left wing leader than the one they just rejected!! These people would rather be in permanent opposition with policies that will never get mass appeal or traction than actually get into power! Again self-delusion and a betrayal of normal Labour voters who want to regain power.

After over thirty blogs this is the only remotely political one and I shall revert to normal service next week.…though I am tempted with so much support from you all to run for London Mayor! ….See how easy it is to fool yourself?!

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  1. george martin says:

    Go on then, run for the mayor of London ,
    Will it really take that much to win, he did , he only takes orders from others.
    He’s poin of view is what the general cencers is .


  2. The News Anchor says:

    All very fine – does Corbyn belong with the others in your blog? He’s been doing the same job consistently for 30 yrs!

    • Greenballs says:

      He has indeed but for nearly all of them he was a backwater of Labour politics. Now those around him are saying he is a viable leader due to a fevered group of other dilusionals who believe because they are right, everyone else is wrong. This is dogma not politics

  3. Paola says:

    So true and the fact that Berlusconi was elected twice says a lot about Italians too alas!

  4. Peter says:

    You are spot on !! If only the mad German Chancellor with the little moustache had known this wisdom …..
    By the way I think Ed Miliband lost to let the election because he was to Ed Miliband !! If you know what I mean..

  5. Tony Ritz says:

    Very well written. . . .amazing how intelligent people on both sides of the briny can see through all th smoke and mirrors.

    Great Blog. . .

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