Give up something nearly impossible for Lent


For a bunch of people who are normally about as religious as Loony Tune characters, do my friends go all peculiar at this time of the year? Some wish they could still cavort and writhe about on a float in Rio, whilst others long to don mysterious masks and wander about in Venice like the kid in the red coat from the movie Don’t Look Now. However putting aside the differences in choice of Carnival they want to romp about in, most go all ‘holier than thou’ by announcing they are giving something up for Lent’s long forty days and forty nights.

...and another thing

So after much deliberation I have decided for Lent to give up discussing, mentioning or referring to organised religion. I am confident that this will prove far more of a challenge than all the usual self-denials such as no alcohol or refusing to eat chocolate, cheese or the content of one’s nose.

Now I respect anyone’s rights to practice any religion, faith or belief but to expunge all reference for over a month will be bloody difficult.

In fact, I challenge you dear reader, to go a day without a reference to religion. It’ll crucify you (see what I mean)?  No ‘Holy crap’, Je-sus or even ‘My God’ exclamations.

No quoting from the Bible, Koran or Talmud. No spluttering at zealots on TV, no arguments about pro-life, no watching news debates on religion based terrorism, no comments on veils, dog collars, yarmulke or Mormon Temple undergarments.

For chrissakes (see what I mean) 90% of my after dinner jokes will be out, as will donations to certain charities.

Most difficult of all, if not impossible, will be not using any money with religious quotes ($ In God We Trust for example). Credit cards only!

...and another thing

In fact the more I look into this self-imposed challenge, it’s amazing how organised religion has seeped into the crease of our sub consciousness; even those nations with microscopic church attendance like the UK.

Here in Malta there are over 360 churches dotted around an island so small you could carpet it in an afternoon. Just as plentiful are some rather strange religious based superstitions; a tortoise’s blood can cure jaundice, spilling wine is good luck and my favourite… anyone born on Christmas Eve will turn into a Gawgaw, a wandering spirit that scares naughty children with its groans. All that will be off limits after Pancake Day.

If I manage to achieve my goal, I should get a sainthood… Doh!

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