Here is how Mitt Romney can be President


I understand that 48 of 50 states have a bad loser provision. Effectively this prevents a declared runner after losing a Party nomination standing as an Independent. So if Trump loses at Rep convention he is finished. If he wins however this also means Mitt Romney can run as an Independent and can win. He has not declared so cannot fall foul of bad loser provision.

...and another thing

A President needs 270 Electoral college votes. If Romney runs with A.n.other and wins Utah and a couple of other States and Trump and Clinton run neck and neck NO ONE has the 270 majority.
At that point it goes to the House. Majority party as we know is the Republicans.
Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan Ex running mate Romney in 2012

...and another thing

The house will overwhelmingly vote in Mitt Romney. They will never endorse Trump and with Republican majority never vote in Hilary…….
Which is why my New Year’s Eve blog had Romney to be President. There is method in this madness….

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