Hitler, Genghis Khan, Pol Pot and Charles Manson all had one thing in common...


When we are designed as omnivores do some people become fanatical at becoming a vegetarian. Many indeed argue that on top of health benefits, not eating meat can do wonders for your temperament. The above lot in the the title were all famous vegetarians but it certainly didn't do much to improve relationships with their fellow man! Don't misunderstand me, if you choose to eat mung beans, Brussels sprouts  and cauliflower cheese that's entirely your choice, (though I'd prefer not to sit next to you on a transatlantic flight). What does puzzle me is if you are vegetarian, why on earth would you then eat food that resembled meat?! Nut cutlets, Quorn sausages, tofu based spaghetti Bolognese, or nut roast at Thanksgiving! That's like giving up smoking then spending all day sucking on candy cigarettes (yup, believe it or not, when I was a kid you could buy sweets that looked like cigarettes).

...and another thing

At the risk of being arrested by the PC Police, I have to say that people with extreme and rigorous eating rules can appear to be in poor health. Hasidic Jews with terrible skin problems, strict Vegans looking sallow and wan (or fast food gluttons who just scream ‘heart attack imminent’).

I thought the first rule of any strict regimen was that it improved health. Certainly the American, Horace Fletcher,  must have been a barrel of laughs to have to a dinner party at the turn of the last century…..on the basis you won’t have started the cheese and biscuits till breakfast time the next day.

Horace, (who became quite famous and very rich as the world’s first diet guru) insisted you chewed each mouthful 100 times; he was known as The Great Masticulator. Had he come to my house and sat there for three hours during each course I’d have given him a similar, thought not exactly the same name.

At least that regime worked to a degree. Possibly less successful is The Sleeping Beauty Diet that I’m told suggests if you sleep a lot you can loose weight. Apparently Elvis Presley was a big fan……enough said.

...and another thing

Hollywood has first dibs on anything faddish and for a while The Baby Food Diet was more popular than a contestant on Pop Idol smacking Simon Cowell.

You essentially give up solids and eat pureed baby food that looks like mush, tastes of cardboard and dollar per pound costs more than fillet mignon. On the other hand with LA-LA land’s obsession with living forever it might be good preparation for when you are a 90 year old shrivelled prune only able to eat gloop through a straw in your Last Take Retirement Home for Actors and Actresses!

Perhaps the one diet unlikely to make a comeback is The Lucky Strike Diet.

Light a Lucky and you’ll never miss sweets that make you fat,” proclaimed one advert in 1929.


You become pencil thin as you just drop dead from lung cancer instead……

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  1. H. Nelson says:

    “Fill yet boots” The Trafalgar Diet.

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