Holiday reading... nah this is not far-fetched enough


Can I not find a decent fiction for my holiday read? Their plots are so boring compared to reality. In the last 12 months true events would have been roundly rejected in Hollywood as too far-fetched. Uncle Donald's mental pirouettes with regards to Russia, Korea and the CIA, make House of Cards shenanigans seem rather tame. The TV show Veep has stopped being a comedy and is simply a reality show. Then there is Melania Trump who looks as comfortable in her role of First Lady as a Nun in a Trojan factory.  I think she is very cool but a plot line suggesting a First Lady having posed in the nude would have been rejected by even Mills and Boon. It's not as if there is not Volume 2 still to play out with second generation Trump... Ivanka and Jarred are names that come from bit players of Star Wars. And Tiffany???  In a recent poll of the most popular name for strippers the name Tiffany came second. What was Trump thinking (or thinking about) when he chose it?

...and another thing

As for the clusterf*ck that is the UK Tory Party… they make Inspector Clouseau look like a genius. The Party now needs a wheelchair to get about, having shot itself in one foot for calling for the Brexit vote then promptly shooting itself in the other calling an election when it had an overall majority only to lose it! Doh!

The French elected a banker as President. He looks about 12 years old and has me wondering if he is wearing shorts. However as he married his teacher, we know his homework will be done on time.

The Italians at least realise politics is a joke and are about to vote comedian Beppe Grillo as President. Thankfully he drives a Ferrari.

Here in Malta the whiff of corruption from both parties is pretty pungent. However fear not, the recent re-election of the Labour Party looks like the investigations into their alleged pilfering will halt as… “the people have vindicated us at the ballot box”.

Nearly all Western Elections seem to all run on the basis of promising one group a pay rise paid for by somebody else or conversely quoting austerity as the reason Granny cannot get her ingrown toenail dealt with for a decade.

And to cap it all, subprime mortgages are again being wrapped up as mortgage backed securities as if 2008 never happened!

I suppose I won’t bother downloading a bestseller on my Kindle. My daily paper is like reading fairy stories.

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