I wish you all a Happy New Year... now here’s something to add a little sparkle!


I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog over the past four years. My close friends were relieved as it stopped me sending them endless emails on my observations of the day and gave me a platform to pontificate to a wider audience. My secret passion (well the one I’m prepared to discuss in public) is writing. So in addition to the blog, I rolled up my sleeves, shut the door and wrote a book. My debut thriller FALL OUT launches in May and pre-sales are now available on Amazon both in the UK and USA. It is the first in a franchise of thrillers set in the film industry. My target is 5,000 pre-orders which kicks it into bestseller territory. FALL OUT  An LA screenwriter is killed shortly after completing his latest script, FALL OUT - a thriller destined to be a blockbuster but written with a secret double purpose.  Echoing events from the past the screenplay is sent to a very specific group of people and will change their lives forever. All are connected to a movie that had abruptly stopped shooting in the jungles of the Philippines years before. FALL OUT exposes the truth about a conspiracy and murder that led to a half-a-billion-dollar fortune for a select few.  Follow the story of Producer Marcus Riley, who sets out on an increasingly dangerous quest to get FALL OUT made. From a powerful agent’s office in Hollywood, hidden treasures in Belgravia and a remote chalet in the Swiss Alps to murder at the Cannes Film Festival, Marcus teams up with designer Melinda (Mako) de Turris as they and the other recipients of the screenplay are pursued by an assassin from the past. With clues cleverly concealed in the screenplay, Marcus and Mako unravel a lethal puzzle that for some will bring death, others the truth and ends in a cave with a shocking secret.....  If you have enjoyed the blog and fancy something longer than just a paragraph or two now is your chance! Click here for Amazon UK  book location Click here for Amazon US book location

...and another thing

Thank you and thank you all for reading these blogs. Normal service resumes next week. I am currently abroad researching for my follow up to FALL OUT, THE BASTION.

Happy 2020

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  1. Magda says:

    I will be missing your weekly witty writing…But I guess that after 4 years you want to do something else. And as you said concentrating in your next fiction.
    You are a “Grand Homme” Mr Grenside. I hope that your first fiction will sell well, because without a doubt you are a man of talent.
    Wishing you lots of Happiness and success.

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