I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here... ...and into a product endorsement


Do superstars worth hundreds of millions put so little value on their integrity? Super famous people stooping to leverage their relationship with the public to push products, always seems a bit grubby to me. Whilst I understand a minor soap star, weather girl or game show host might need a few extra bucks to pay for the perma-tan, do Oscar winning mega celebrities worth $100m + really need to sell his or her sole for a few extra bits of silver? The admirable George Clooney pulls in a few million by pushing coffee and watches. He says this money funds his charity work. Fair enough you might say.  But for me if I wanted to give to charity, I’d do it with what I earn from my day job, not from extra goodies moonlighting as a pitchman for products I don’t really use on a regular basis.

...and another thing

Then we have the ‘now you see me now you don’t’ endorsement. This is when stars value their reputation more in some countries than others. Just like the movie Lost in Translation, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, Charlise Theron, John Travolta, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and more were paid zillions to do commercials for products in Japan; apparently on the strict proviso it was only screened there. Maybe in other territories for extra money but certainly never to be seen in the USA or U.K… or any country that had an audience that perhaps might balk at this crass commercialism. The logic behind this verges on the racist and is more flawed than a $2 diamond.

Sorry, but if you sold your soul it ain’t on a sliding scale of countries. You can’t be a bit pregnant nor can you only be a greedy sod in one country but an angel of probity in the other!

...and another thing

However, I do support irony and a knowing wink if a star needs to do a commercial.

Keith Richards for Jack Daniels or Nike? Mick Jagger or Bill Clinton for Trojan?

Oliver Reid and Peter Cooke both did commercials for non-alcoholic wine. Leonora Helmsley would have redeemed her reputation doing a dish detergent commercial.

After peeing in the aisle of a plane perhaps French super star Gerard Depardieu could have done a nice run of incontinence pants adverts?

...and another thing

I am constantly amazed how a tangential endorsement of a celebrity can hit sales. Right now, Meghan Markle could advertise Betamax videos or anthrax sandwiches and they would sell by the shovel full. She was recently spotted with a cute handbag made by a tiny Scottish company called Strathberry.

They have now sold out and hiring staff. No fee changed hands and I suspect Meghan knew that tacit endorsement would do the company good. Shame Melania can’t find a US designer to give a shapely helping hand to.

No doubt her husband will grasp the Madison Avenue nettle when he steps down. Best offers no doubt to come from Hamburger chains, Rogaine hair loss products and self-help books on tact and good manners.

Now…… anyone want to sponsor this blog? I have no pride!

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