It only has to do one thing


Is it so difficult for simple things to do the one thing they were designed for? We have a set of drawers in our bathroom in the built in cabinets around the sink. However, they are all coy. Instead of fully opening they half open. I have checked the runners etc. They are specifically designed only to be drawn out half their depth! I spend my life with my arm half bent rummaging around at the dark recess of the back for medicines, pills, chargers and other bathroom paraphernalia having to sweep them to the front so I can see them. I would really like to meet that designer and warmly shake him by the throat.

...and another thing

British rail steel teapots. These really are a doozy as they fail on multiple levels. Firstly they burn your hand as the handles themselves get as hot as lava. Secondly, it spills when you pour from the spout. Thirdly, they don’t hold enough water for a teabag. The three basic requirements of a teapot. Fails on every one yet some rocket scientist at British Rail ordered battalions of them!

...and another thing

Loo paper. They say there are many things you can do without but the two essentials in life are washing up liquid and the other is loo paper. Now before you avert your eyes thinking I am about to say something that might upset a reader’s delicate sensibilities… fear not. What drives me nuts about loo paper is the way it’s so difficult to initially unravel. I don’t know about you but starting a new role can have flayed strips of paper going on for miles before everything ‘catches up’ and you actually have a solid square. Why? It doesn’t need the top glued.

...and another thing

Band Aids. Yes, I hear you all cry. These are more difficult too get into than Mary Poppins’ knickers. I always end up with the sterilised pad ruined by my sticky fingers or worse dropped on the floor. How about a diagram for the digitally challenged on each wrapper? Or is this just a devious ploy to make us buy more as we have to get through three for every one that we attach correctly.

...and another thing

I am amazed though how many repetitive actions people get wrong. Road markings spelt wrong, water fountains that either are a geyser and can blow your eyebrows off or let out a trickle that an 80 year old man having a pee would be ashamed of.

However, my favourite of all time was when I was living in LA. There was a massive poster of some lady diva on a billboard and it looked like a Picasso. The six individual plates that made up the poster had been stuck together in the wrong sequence. Maybe the poster guy just wasn’t a fan!

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  1. Diane says:

    Sitting here in Australia on another cloudy day I laughed aloud, unusual these days! It was the lavatory roll that did it….thank you!!!

  2. Magda says:

    Rethinking about it…it must have been made on purpose by the designer for various reasons :

    1/ protect dogs (or any other animal bored and curious) to open the draws with their mouth or legs…and take any of the dangerous items that could be inside…

    2/ drive the new owners using the bathroom nuts, the designer could have been a joker…;-)

    A technic to get what’s inside the drawer is to use a stick with something sticky at the end to bring out any object unreachable with the hand 😉

    Stay safe and happy 😉


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