It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to..... You would cry too if it happened to you...


In all that's logical, has the world's most powerful democracy and its two parties come up with such unappealing candidates? What is remarkable is that both Trump and Clinton can engender such visceral dislike! Ex pluribus unum is the motto of finding the President of the United States but Good Golly Miss Molly how can it have filtered down to Shrillery or The Hairstyle?  I suspect the real reason is the battle is about the perceived status quo vs something new. I'm no fan of the current status quo but I'm not sure any alternative is the right one. But oh woe, the fault for the candidates must fall to the respective parties.

...and another thing

Don’t think it’s just the US where political parties seem out of touch. It’s the same with the Labour Party in the UK. Extremists don’t seem to understand. You don’t need to appeal to your core voters to win elections, they are won on the swing voters.

Yet Labour is currently run by a well meaning but muddle headed left winger who has about as much real life knowledge about how business and the reason people work as I do of life on Mars. So now there is a Leadership challenge with a more moderate alternative.

The incumbent is endorsed by a vociferous gaggle of supporters who also have very little idea of how the world operates except the state should pay for it… but no idea who pays the state.

It’s quaint and amusing but all this navel gazing and hypothetical economic theory ensure they are unelectable. Surely a Political party is about power and being able to change the course of the ship of state, not jumping up and down on the foredeck making a noise that the majority don’t want to hear. Permanent opposition is of no value to democracy. As Churchill said:

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

You may not like the result of a vote, but you have to live with it. Not accepting the majority is a path no one really wants to go down. As with Brexit, I accept the majority view, however narrow the margin.

So I must accept the loony left take over Labour by a democratic voting system of the party members who along with the trade unions and party MPs vote on the leadership. But the majority newly joined party members are left wingers (some once ousted from the Labour Party as Marxists etc) and do not reflect the majority of Labour supporters and voters in the U.K.

It’s rather similar to the Tea Party holding so much influence in the Republican Party but probably not reflecting the views of many Republican voters.The extreme left don’t understand once they get control of the party they have as much chance of winning an election as of finding a tap dancing oyster.

Fanatics trying to enforce extremist religious views on people is the other side of the same side coin of zealots trying to force extreme political dogma. So in the UK I suspect democracy will win…but it’s a double edged sword. The extremists will get control of the Labour party but the majority of MPs may well quit and there will be a new moderate party. Touché.

...and another thing

As for the US which nearly presented Uncle Bernie on the far left and la Donald on the far right, I am a little unsure what the majority will say. I am pretty certain though that the man or woman in the street feels disenfranchised by both parties. It’s the parties who are at fault, not the voters.

However, I’ll give Churchill the last word:


The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.


Yikes! We’re all in deep doo-doo!!

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  1. Wingin It says:

    Shouldn’t we just bask in these halcyon days before President elect Kanye West takes office in 2020 – there’s got to be a premiership footballer out there for PM also who will campaign and get elected on a ticket which will reveal the truth about Churchill – he would never have got past the auditions for the X Factor.
    Awesome- fantastic- unbelievable :

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