It’s not about the money … honestly


Is everyone so coy about admitting ‘I am doing it for the money?’ There is a huge brouhaha going on because a bunch of sportsmen dressed in awful tartan and plaid clothing have decided to whack a few balls around God’s largest bunker, Saudi Arabia. Now, dear reader, have a guess what attracted these already rich men to play golf there? Was it… 1. The quality and diversity of the golf courses bathed in 100 degree heat 2. The range of free alcoholic beverages on offer 3. The chance to dance the night away with local unescorted ladies in some jiving nightclub and the wonderful variety of nightlife and entertainment 4. The opportunity to mingle freely with people of either sex or sexual orientation without fear of segregation or arrest 5. Their support to the regime that chopped up poor journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018, and has a habit of beheading people whose sexual orientation or religion they disagree with, bans free speech and can use torture as a punishment from courts…… or 6. Could it possibly be the multimillion dollar prize money? Whilst trying not to reveal themselves as the money grabbing venal people most of us are, the golfers have tied themselves into a Gordian knot trying to say money was the last reason they agreed to the tour. Such a shame. I would have hugely respected the man who had piped up and said: “The only reason to visit this godforsaken sandpit with stone-age rules about women and gay people is to make vast amounts of money. If people honestly believe my presence here has anything to do with supporting a repressive regime they are either dreaming or drive in Formula I.” Previous F1 events have taken place in such well known beacons of human rights as Russia, Turkey,  Bahrain, China, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and AbuDhabi.

...and another thing

Then you have the sanctimonious hypocrisy of FIFA, the governing body of world football. They released a tweet on the June 1st this year trumpeting that June is a FIFA celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. Can this be the same FIFA who after an allegedly corrupt vote, awarded the World Cup to that well known supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights, Qatar. Well actually they hang you if you are a gay Muslim.

...and another thing

Actors. Puh-lease stop the Shakespeare/Juilliard/Lee Strasberg adulation if at the same time you are prepared to slip into Spandex in some Marvel/ DC extravaganza. This is not to stretch your thespian ability or add to your acting credentials. The scripts are written in crayon. It’s for the money. Nothing wrong with that. Just admit it (which to his credit Superman/ Henry Cavill did confess to).

I remember one Cannes Festival sitting behind the great Sir Michael Caine as he was being interviewed by some earnest reporter on the terrace of the Majestic Hotel.

“But Sir Michael, how can I write of the art of Cinema, art in things like Hannah and her Sisters, Educating Rita or The Man who would be King then see you perform in Jaws The Revenge or The Swarm?”

Sir Michael took a long draw on his Cuban cigar. “Last year I made a few million dollars. I bought a Chagall and a Matisse. That’s art.”

Bless him.

Stay safe.

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