It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it


Do I care what pattern kitten heels British PM Theresa May is wearing at the next Brexit battle or that the President of the EU is so plastered he cannot even stand up? Surely it’s the outcome of events that matters, not the window dressing surrounding them... but of course it isn’t. Hats off to the English football team (though how are they 4th in the world when losing three games out of six) but most people associate our World Cup campaign with Manager Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat rather than wasted opportunities in front of a goal. Trump is all about haircuts, wandering hands (admittedly the size of G.I. Joe’s) and being rude/blunt/economic with the facts. All quite amusing and the best news fodder any President has gifted to the press since Washington’s teeth got woodworm.  But in the long lens of history all irrelevant, which is a shame. The trouble is far reaching results are not instantaneous and do not fit prime time schedules. We focus on things we can control and in our pre-set time frame. So we obsess on the minutiae of events rather than the bigger picture.

...and another thing

Background stories. If you listen to US broadcasters running through the competitors for an Olympic event it appears no one from the USA has competed who has not had to overcome a personal adversity or tragedy… on top of training 25 hours a day and eschewing ever biting an eclair or a taking a puff of weed so they might win gold at tiddly winks.

Yes it’s tragic that the pole vaulter’s Aunt from Pigskuckle Arkansas was captured by Aliens, or the triple jumper’s father from Reno was eaten by ants, but why is this relevant as to whether that person can go faster, higher, further or is even more worthy than a non US competitor who has a boring background?

...and another thing

The obsession with irrelevance seems now to permeate everything. From velvet ropes blocking what should be free entrance to restaurants that seem to forget their ‘raison d’etre’ is to serve good food, and fuss over the origami of napkins, the waiter’s haircut or where best to seat the star from Jersey Shore.

Before you know it, you will be wheeled into surgery and the cut of the surgeon’s gown will be more important than the cut he makes in you and the colour scheme of your recovery room more important than the colour of your complexion!

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