Why are magazine editors and chocolate manufacturers numerically challenged?


Can’t magazine editors read a calendar or chocolate manufacturers add up? By the time you read this we will be into December but at the time of writing we are still in mid-November and yet....... I have January issues of several magazines I subscribe to. Now I can understand being two weeks ahead and jumping the gun, but nearly two months is absurd. Most magazines are vaguely topical yet if you take into account the lead time for writing articles, these ‘up to the moment publications’ are staler that last elections political manifesto. As some of you know, I am a petrolhead yet there I am reading about Evo Car of the year in the December edition complete with Santas and elves... in shirtsleeves in sunny September! Which brings me onto another point. How can you match a Christmas  advertising campaign you want people to actually read in December when the magazine is dated for February?

...and another thing

How did this really start in the first place? Any printed date is really an irrelevance. It’s what is available in the books stores and magazine racks that month. It also makes a mockery of an annual subscription. If I decide to take one out say in April and I start a couple of weeks later with the July edition. But what happened to May and June?

...and another thing

Chocolate. Long gone are the days ( in the U.K.) when essentially you could chose only between Cadbury Dairy Milk and Galaxy.

Now you are offered such a vast selection in row after row of chocolate bars  on supermarket shelves that are more numerous than piano keys but…..

Yes you can have just about any combination from sea salt and caramel, to yoghurt and cherry, I suspect on Halloween ear of bat and eye of newt…..but only as 35% Milk or 65,70,75,85,90,95% dark. Why can’t we have 40, 45 or 50%. This frustrates me so much I now ask shop assistants where the missing row is as it seems to stop at 35% and pick up again at 65%.

...and another thing

Whilst we are on the topic of various shades of chocolate I note on lots of high volume chocolates like  buttons, KitKat and chocolate biscuits you can choose white milk or plain. But not Maltesers; a chocolate aimed at being light and low in calories but not available in lower calorie count dark chocolate.

Yup, Willie Wonka and your magical chocolate Factory; where are you when we need you?

PS if you have a monthly magazine please make sure I don’t get the Easter Egg edition at Christmas!

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