Might Putin lose his marbles?


If you obligingly scratch the big Russian Bear’s back, in return he’s apt to claw anyone you ask him to. Greece and the new Syriza Party are now threatening to veto EU sanctions against Russia. Neither country seem to care a fig about convention and opinion except their own domestic popularity. How tempting it must be for Russia to return the Elgin Marbles on loan from the British Museum to Greece. In a mad way it makes sense. It would be an enormously positive result for new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and a neat riposte from the Russian President Putin under siege in the UK over the Litvinenko affair!

...and another thing

I understand in an effort to winkle tourists from the confines of their hotels and get holiday makers into the local restaurants and eat there instead, Syriza are trying to squeeze out all inclusive deal package holidays.

For the hard pushed family, these all in one hotels with unlimited Ouzo, Moussaka and chips for the kids are a Godsend, controlling tight budgets and also keeping the young in a controlled environment. To stop that would be madness.

If, on the other hand, Syriza wishes to focus their attention on single holidaymakers enjoying one stop holiday deals, clearly no one from the Government has ever been to a non-family type resort. Most young holiday makers have just five goals; drinking, shagging, clubbing, eating (with occasional vomiting) and lying in the sun with a hangover.

They simply want to be no more than an elevator ride away from somebody else’s bedroom and a few staggered steps from the nearest pool, beach, food trough and watering hole.

Competing countries must be rubbing their eyes in disbelief at reading how Syriza is inflicting more damage to their tourist business since Greece lost out to the Roman Empire. I assume the Turks and Croatians are rushing to get ready with beach towels and condoms to greet the tidal wave of tourists Syriza will send to their shores.

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