No, it’s not an illness nor a condition... it’s lack of self-control


Is everything bad that happens to young people not their fault or beyond their control? However, if anything good happens, especially by blind stupid luck (yes, you lottery winners & Love Island/ Big Brother) it is all down to destiny and a well-deserved reward from society ‘for being me’... especially if I am lazy and lack a nanogramme of skill. We have created a generation that is obsessed with the self and values just existing as a reason to enjoy rewards, regardless of any talent (a bit like the succession in the monarchy....). When growing up, my generation wanted to have a talent to allow us to be an astronaut, athlete, Rock God, movie icon, Wall Street Titan or porn star. Ambition was about having talent. A recent survey showed that the most popular ambition now is to be a reality TV star; i.e. not bother with learning to fly, run, play an instrument, sing, act, count or keep a hard on for a day! Basically, you just permanently shop, make vacuous statements and put your name to a line of cosmetics to get paid buckets of money. If you have butt cheeks between which you could park a Harley Davidson, even better.

...and another thing

I understand that the EU has recognised that continually playing games on your phone, iPad, Mac, PC or console is not because you are a halfwit with no real life or social interaction, but because it’s an addiction.

“Those evil games makers have turned me into an addict! Boo-hoo. It’s not my fault. Someone else is to blame for the fact I can’t get to work at 9am as I was shooting Aliens until 3.30am.”

This is self-deluding bullsh*t on an industrial scale. If the EU edict is correct, then like alcohol, drugs or ciggies, games need to be controlled and pass the strongest health tests.

Nonsense. That’s like saying my grandmother should have sued Liberty store for her addiction to macramé or my Aunt should have gone after the Agatha Christie estate as she stayed on the bus too long reading the great lady’s whodunnits. If you have no self-control, that is your problem.

...and another thing

I read a Doctor with a lot of fancy PHD’s after her name, wants to ban food on British trains because some kids gorge themselves on crisps and cola. Firstly, the issue is to get British trains to serve actual food rather than crap. Secondly, knowing that trains do serve junk, if the kids are still young and impressionable, where are the parents they are travelling with?

And if they are teen-angers, where were the schools and parents while growing up? You cannot tell me these poor little darlings never knew that a diet of pizza, chips and full-strength cola would turn them
a) into an early grave and
b) into Mr. Bibendum.

This is especially difficult to accept if they know enough not go to school in protest that my car exhaust threatens Mr. Polar Bear and to save the newt, I need to cycle to Greece for my holiday rather than go by plane.

I’d give them more cred if they did this on a Saturday rather than a Wednesday just so they can miss PE, English lit and math’s and their teachers get paid for having a walk with a banner.

No, kids eat that shit because they want to and have as much self-discipline as a professional tennis player after a bad line call.

And then what about the rest of us who do not continually graze junk food and do need some kind of nourishment when on a train? Maybe now with no dining car, we eat a child?

It’s all about the few needing protection from themselves, whilst those of us with a brain larger than a walnut have to suffer.

...and another thing

Occasionally though a little lack of self-control is a good thing. Elvis shot both his TV (for a review of a movie he disagreed with) and his Pantera car (for not starting). No one knows what happened to the TV, but the car was sold complete with the bullet holes at an auction recently for a record price.

And of course, in France you are entitled to shoot your wife’s lover if you catch them in flagrante delicto. The temptation to ask your wife to have a dalliance with your tax inspector must be overwhelming……

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