Now it’s wind power that’s killing the planet


Is wind about to destroy life on earth?

At the recent COP 26 (have there really been 25 others) there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am by no means a climate denier but I am also a realist. Much as Greta and co would like, I am not reverting to eating mung beans nor limiting my travel to bicycle or Ox and cart.

In terms of transport, Genies once out of bottles are impossible to put back in. You have to replace them with a better one. Horses for steam train, steam train for car, car for plane… etc, etc.  So, if fossil fuel must pass, it will only be because we have something as good, if not better. To me that does not mean running around in cars fired by a battalion of AAA batteries. I am quite prepared to wager major sums of money on two things.

  • The internal combustion engine is extremely efficient with lowering  levels of pollution and will not disappear in the foreseeable future.
  • Battery cars are the Betamax of transport. The future is hydrogen.
  • Trains will doubtless move from polluting generated electricity to magnetised super trains and planes will get faster as our insatiable appetite to travel and save time continues to grow. I suspect jet technology will be around for at least another half century unless a real Scottie can be found with Star Trek’s dilithium crystals.

    In any event, blocking motorways or just shouting in a march resolves nothing. We need brainpower to solve our current problems, not the boos and hisses usually the preserve of pantomime audiences.

    So it’s really power stations, insulation and packaging that need the wake up call. Which brings us to wind. The kind cows emit.

    ...and another thing

    We are told the amount of methane created by our paarping cows is going to be the death of us. I have a sneaking suspicion these Sunday-roast-and -Yorkshire-pudding naysayers are vegans howling with laughter that meat eating equates to mother Earth’s destruction. Hitler, Pol Pot and Charlie Manson were all vegans and they really tried to get us to the Apocalypse.

    I am noticing a certain relish in protestors in bad clothing and dodgy teeth telling me my Big Mac is destroying life as we know it. Nonsense. I have a very neat solution which kills two C02 producing birds with one stone. Charcoal stops wind. So all those countries complaining they cannot stop producing coal, should get into love puff free cows. Stick the charcoal in their feed and you have a market for coal and pollution free beef. There is even an added bonus which when cooked the meat will give off the nice charcoal taste and aroma as if fresh from the barbecue (which you cannot use anymore).

    ...and another thing

    As for real wind farms, they are just dicing machines for bird life. Not only that, but those being constructed at sea are decimating that icon of the Green movement, the whale. With 350,000 unexploded munitions from two World Wars in our seas, we are carpet bombing the seabed to be safe before building wind farms. Result… dead or deaf mammals who rely on hearing to navigate. Of course there is another way to deactivate bombs call deflagrating but that is all too technical for this blog. But I have a more basic question. Why are we building wind machines at sea instead of wave energy machines anyway?

    ...and another thing

    Finally, there is tons of hot wind spouted out by people who are educated and should know better but hurl out their own volcanic nonsense.

    “Look at the hypocrisy of all these world leaders arriving in jets.” Grow up! If you would rather they flew Commercial, then expect to turn up ten hours before take off so every passenger is super checked. Forget food service and probably in flight entertainment as it will be taken over for communications for the VIP. Solutions need to be practical. Some of these protestors have chips on their shoulders the size of the Grand Canyon.

    These self righteous creatures cause far more pollution than my generation with their continual use of power of their permanently attached electrical umbilical cord to the internet.

    Meanwhile my beloved classic car which has been off the road for a year is back and will be driving around. It’s 50 years old so normally would have been replaced by at least six other cars by now whose manufacture would dwarf the modest emissions the car makes! But those emissions are less than I make after Brussel sprouts and baked beans.

    Stay safe.

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