Please stop interrupting during video lessons and eat more


Is a dear friend and teacher more frustrated than a brain surgeon with hiccups? In this new world, teachers are struggling during on-line lessons because of continuous interruption and comments from parents. It seems that when little Johnny is having a problem with algebra or the date of the Battle of Hastings, know-it-all parents cannot wait to chip in with their answer... which in the case of algebra is nearly always wrong. It’s bad enough having to deal with delusional parents during PTA meetings who believe their offspring is the love child of Einstein and Madonna - see earlier post HERE. But to have parents digitally hanging over the teacher’s shoulder is enough to have anyone mainline Clorox. In addition, in some households there is a queue to use the one decent size computer. Dad for porn, Mum for gambling, elder kids for on-line dating, games or movies. Everyone wants the youngest off the machine as quickly as possible. So instead of the rest of the household being on-line themselves, they are constantly operating the only other thing outside of the Internet they continually use; their teeth. Lockdown has turned everyone into elephants in more than one sense. We have grown huge and munch constantly. Many of the locked down are so fed up with long distance relationships, they are moving the fridge to their bedroom.

...and another thing

This leads me to a conundrum. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth from dairy farmers, fishermen, cattle farmers and all sorts of food purveyors saying they are forced to destroy surplus food due to lock down. This completely contradicts being warned we are eating too much.

Who are these phantom consumers who only eat outside of COVID-19 lockdown? Have a sect gone into hibernation? Have they all secretly gone on a diet… or could this be a ruse to get rid of surplus supply and obtain subsidies and support under the cover of COVID-19.

...and another thing

Now fuel has a negative value. I am considering draining my bath and fish pond to accept a few barrels of oil and get paid for it. In fact, all councils with huge swimming pools or empty anything’s should be taking orders of the black stuff to power their buses for free and knock a few pennies off the local taxes.

The one thing we can all be certain of is prices at the pumps will remain high, despite the fact that oil is currently trading at minus US $ 35 a barrel.

Perhaps parents could bring this up at the next Economics lesson?

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  1. Magda says:

    I confirm…Teachers are struggling with online lessons for the 11/12 years old…, but not because of the parents interfering…
    Here, 2 teachers tried and only one is still doing them…
    The first one gave up after being insulted online by a “coward teenager” who hide behind the computer, so the poor other kids because of that twat couldn’t have anymore classes online…
    The second teacher is persevering 😉 Although the first time she did the class, one kid what eating pizza in front of the camera and another one a sandwich…or drinking…And I don’t even tell you about the chats online…Teacher doing her job pretty well,…kids chatting and having fun on the side, until she understood what was going on and told them to stop chatting…So I can understand that some parents are standing next to their kids to watch what is going on…
    And any “normal” parent should have told their kids not to eat or drink when someone is teaching them something online..Seems pretty normal that they should behave like in a real class (both meanings 😉 But not here…
    In the households where there is only a computer for the all family, it is indeed tricky…the best way would be to shut down completely the computer like that no jaleous…And dad and mum could play strip poker in the bedroom, meanwhile the kids play together or do something useful with their hands (creating something, I mean 😉
    As per the farmers here, they lost a lot of customers with the restaurants being still closed, but they compensate selling more locally and directly to the people, or creating mini-takeaway restaurants with the food they are producing.
    As per the petrol, there was too much storage due to the decrease of the demand due to the confinement, but seems like that prices are going up again…It happened for different reasons in the 70s, early 2000…We need a certain balance in this world to regenerate the blue planet.
    And as per weight gaining…I confirm…although I found some cardio exercises to do daily, nothing like swimming…And as the swimming pools will remain closed until Sept / Oct I will probably mutate into a little Franco/Spanish whale 😉

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