Put that fork down....you racist


Has the colour chart been hijacked to become a race related battleground? I already commented how the names of famous books and characters have been clubbed by the moral batons of the self-appointed guardians of our morality When did you last read The Dark Nag? Now it's the use of colour. Mohammed Ali at his zenith would rail against Devil's chocolate cake being black and that Angel cake was white. Ali, genius of a communicator as he was, was simply making a point with humour, the shock tactic being used to make us think. He was far too smart and assumed we were also, for him to be taken literally. He knew perfectly well that it is the dress of the angels, not the angels themselves that are white and black is the colour of the night when Devils (themselves usually the colour of condemned veal) prance about. Of course there have been and still are some pretty offensive food names; Red Indian Sweets, Eskimo Pies, Darkie Toothpaste and even Aunt Jemima has had more make overs than Madonna. But if you really want to go down the food argument it doesn't even hold water in its own mad swamp of logic. Many foods that are naturally black in colour are better for us than their white equivalent: Caviar vs whitefish eggs (let alone Cadbury cream eggs), Guinness vs Milk, Blackbread vs white processed bread, Black sausage as opposed to Bratwurst, Balsamic Vinegar vs Malt Vinegar, Dark Chocolate rather than Milk (let alone white chocolate), Black Camargue Rice as opposed to long grain white rice. However the literal interpreters have taken over our language and shoved common sense down a black hole... Oops my bad. The term black hole term caused offence when used by a Texas official a while ago during an address. An apology was demanded. Doh. It's a black hole because no light escapes it. How can that possibly infer anything to do with the colour of someone's skin? The use of the word niggardly by a Washington official received a strong complaint from two City officials. This is an example of where sanity and education stop being even on nodding terms. The official's real crime was using a ten dollar word in a two cent conversation; mixing with people whose knowledge of the English language would not fill an M & M (of any colour). Come on, if you want to (quite correctly) attack bigotry, don't make yourself look stupid.

...and another thing

Now I understand that my beloved Atlanta is changing calling the yellow line on the subway to gold due to complaints from the Asian community. Of course they are not repainting them gold so every kid who is learning colours of the rainbow will be very confused.

Perhaps I should stop visiting Atlanta? At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport I may become deeply offended to be told to stand behind the white line at Customs in the arrival hall. Still I should be grateful for small mercies at least Border Control and Immigration have stopped referring to visitors as Aliens.

It’s education that solves this issue along with recognition for wrongs of the past. It’s certainly not about whether questioning if I had been lucky enough to spar with Ali if I had a bruised rather than black eye!

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  1. The real Teresa says:

    Black is black, I want my baby back
    It’s grey, it’s grey, since he went away, oh oh
    What can I do, ’cause I, I’m feelin’ blue

    Help make Britain great again –
    I’m over here in the USA let’s meet up.
    Mrs May

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