The ultimate amusement park ride or just a giant c#ck?


This sudden glut of billionaire space cowboys?

Obviously the creation of your own rocket is a pretty serious achievement. The best I could have come up with would have been a 300 foot milk bottle, lit the blue touch paper and stood well back.

However, amazing as it is that three individual billionaires can summon up the resources to compete with NASA, I can’t help asking why? I mean the business plan has got to be pretty poor.

“ Ok so you want to spend umpty billion building a rocket?”



“ To offer rides to those not rich enough to build one themselves. Common or garden centimillionaires.”

That’s it. It is the ultimate private Enterprise F#ck You bragging rights over silly $500m yachts or gold plated planes.

Bezos rocket even looks like a willy. Is he really just like any middle aged saddy in a Ferrari to make up for any shortcomings in his manhood.

“Just look at the size of my cock as it thrusts it’s way into outer space”, he is shouting to the world.  I hope in the Bezos bedroom it lasts longer than ten minutes soup to nuts.

...and another thing

Who do you think in this ultimate expression of one upmanship was more pissed of? Branson because he chose the day to launch on the final of the European Cup and was pushed off the news certainly in the U.K. and probably Europe or Bezos by being beaten to rocket ejaculation by a Virgin?

I know there is much muttering about research and payloads but for sheer weightlifting into space Musk has them all beat.

...and another thing

I suppose private enterprise was inevitably going to clamber aboard space economics. $100m space suits, $500,000 hammers, $10m loos. But as Rip Torn in Men in Black said, “where else could the US Government so easily hide costs to be diverted to less savoury operations and undercover work”. Bezos et al are robbing us of James Bond’s Aston Martin or the Air America drug business.

So as you look up at the stars tonight and you have made a couple of bucks at least you don’t have to worry about Covid for your next holiday adventure.

Just remember to take lots of photos and don’t expect too much room service.

Stay safe.

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  1. Peter says:

    Your explanation regarding motive is very helpful. If I had billions I would go into the penis transplant business if that is what it is all about. Or is it something even more basic ? Simply the desire to be the biggest bragger in the World !!

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