This is not a full stop . It’s a lethal weapon


Be woke? I understand the woke generation are now bleating that a full stop/period  is offensive and could be taken as a sign of aggression. Therefore, it must no longer be used in punctuation. Aggression is when Hitler invaded Poland. Or hijacker Leila Khaled who was convicted as a terrorist took over a TWA jumbo jet in 1969. But recently she was invited to San Fransisco State University to address a forum on Gender Justice and Resistance. Did I miss reading about this exchange? “Right. We are taking over this plane. Men to the left aisle, women to the right. Those among you who are gender neutral, we will be letting you disembark.” I don’t think so.

...and another thing

The alternative to the woke anathema of challenging a belief or any type of disagreement in case you upset someone, is compliance. Read that as surrender. Negotiating any deal with these sensitive souls is going to be a cake walk. China, Russia,  Iraq or the Teamsters must be salivating at the thought these people will get their (gloved and sanitised) hands on the levers of power.

How can ‘being plugged in and actively aware and involved in the world around you’ mean the egg on the Google salad icon has to be removed? Yes, the salad ‘offended’ vegans and the egg is in the dustbin of history.

I have already written about professional ‘offendees’, the absurdity of having to alter book titles or change the gender or ethnicity of fictional characters. However, for me it is the woke who are physically impaired. It is a pre-requisite to be fully woke to have your humour chromosome removed. They deserve our sympathy not condemnation.

I howled with laughter at the irony and double entendre of the following statement with regards to a University banning the production of the Vagina Monologues.

“At its core, the show offers a very narrow view of what it means to be a woman.”

...and another thing

To challenge someone or something is to grow. Robert the Bruce had his spider, Caesar the river Rubicon and Barbra Streisand her nose. I can think of no human achievement that has come from harmony and the verbal contortions never to offend a co-worker but plenty from friction, adversity and strife.

Offence, if not intended, should not be taken as thus. However, if I call you a “feckless fat f*ck and as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest”, believe me the sensitivity of the overweight or physically impaired in relation to my opinion of you is irrelevant.

Be safe.

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