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Are complete idiots so keen to show the rest of us how stupid they are and why do we lap it up? Now this is not me having a rant and sour grapes. I happily peddle this blog for mainly selfish reasons… I simply enjoy doing it. But honestly who would have believed that a format that is literary in nature would see as the pinnacle of success the scribblings a bunch of self-obsessed wannabees. Originally the internet gave us a lovely set of rose tinted spectacles and we were encouraged to believe the ether would be filled with undiscovered literary titans. China no doubt would produce a dozen Mark Twains, (his little-known book Running for Governor was actually taught to every Chinese kid in school). Instead we got Fang Junping, who is an overnight blogging sensation there… as he explains cosmetics to a population that a few decades ago all wore the same uniform and the only bestseller was Mao’s little red book!

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Here in the UK the queue of bigots, morons and airheads who compete for blogging space could run to the moon and back. The vast majority of people who are successful at attracting large followers just seem to rant on about the time it takes to have their ears permed and getting a perma-tan in Cheshire or the outrageous price differential in having a Brazilian wax in Kensington as opposed to Corby.

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OK, The Huffington Post is still number one blog, but it is basically followed by chatter gossip and nonsense that any self-respecting 12-year-old could compose. The PerezHilton site generates nearly $600,000 a month of income but with the same literary quality as a laundry ticket!

The genepool out in the blogosphere should be waiting for the public to nurture it; blogs that will give us undiscovered brilliant writers in the mould of the late AA Gill, Christopher Hitchins or PJ O’Rourke.

Instead we chose to bring to life the inane mutterings of Kanye West and what size diamond he has screwed into his earlobe or which boyfriend Taylor Swift has just drop-kicked out of bed and will no doubt dis in her next shrill single.

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So please for every juicy bit of nonsense you lift off the internet, do yourself a favour. Whatever your politics, religion, creed or colour there are exquisite writers/bloggers out there. After you have consumed their material you will at least feel like your mind has eaten a three start Michelin meal rather than the Big Mac and fries you have been nibbling on. You don’t even have to agree… just be stimulated.

For me, Eckhart Tolle, Ricky Gervais, Jordan Peterson and Jenna Moreci.

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