Warning - The earth is flat and dinosaurs never existed


Am I fascinated by life’s Don Quixotes, hopelessly charging at windmills. My son, (a certified commercial pilot) was accosted recently by someone trying to persuade him the Earth is flat, Australia does not exist and vapour trails are really chemical sprays created by NASA to fry our minds..... If you are bored, whiling away ten minutes with the terminally loopy is quite fun. Never try and disagree. Arguing with the terminally deluded is pointless. Much more fun is to appear shocked and ask for more details. I am simply amazed at the pigheaded resilience these theorists can display with the information now available, which so easily punctures their balloon. A quick trail of the internet on conspiracy theories is only really disturbing when you realise these people can vote.

...and another thing

And yet is organised religion any more far fetched? I am the first to admit that the moral codes behind every religion has served mankind well; no matter be you Christian, Buddhist, Zoastran, Jewish, Hindu,Shinto or Moslem etc. But the stories behind that faith?

If ever little green men manage to land a saucer here to get out and actually have a chat, (rather than just fly over as most UFO experts would have you believe ) the first question I would ask would have diddly squat to do with technology, but religion.

“Do you believe in God?”

I suspect we will get met with a blank stare (assuming they have eyes).

“ A supernatural being, who created each and every one of us, our world and everything in it. He knows our every though, loves us very much…but if we misbehave will send us to a fiery pit for eternal torture and damnation…”

Then we will become the conspiracy theorists trying to prove something we have nothing to back up except blind faith and flying in the face of scientific fact…I hope our galactic friends indulge us.

Or maybe they will leave, believing as I said earlier that you cannot argue with the theorists….

Of course there is an alternative reply

“I am God.”  Now that would shake things up…

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