Is my life a squish? If ever there was a synonym for useless it’s the phrase 2+2 to describe the seating in a car. 2+2 does not equal four or even three in human terms. 2+2 usually entails a back seat that requires the passengers to be munchkins. In any other business this description would be challenged in court as patently untrue! And yet all that is needed to turn these torture chambers into seats you can actually sit in is a couple more inches of legroom. Most fancy 2+2 cars like Porsche 911 or Aston Martin DB9 seem to have less room than a Fiat 500! Yet these sleek machines are anything up to 185 inches long, so how can you not add 2 inches of leg room? Either just have a useful parcel-shelf that you can sling a handbag, briefcase or dog onto and make the car more compact, or have seats people can use. Right now these cubby holes masquerading as somewhere to sit just make what could be a small and nimble sports car longer for no reason.

...and another thing

Shirts. Now I may not quite be the snake-hipped God I deluded myself into thinking I was in my teens but neither am I quite a beached whale. However shirts have shrunk beyond all recognition. I am not asking Obi Wan the Tentmaker to design them but recently I was in Italy and could not find a shirt to fit without me feeling like I was wrapped in a cotton boa constrictor. As for slim fit cut they would have constricted a pencil.

...and another thing

However the winner of ‘I will never fit in there anymore’ has to be airplane seats.  Having just got used to the legroom getting so restricted I fly with my knees up my nose, I am now feeling like Alice through the Looking Glass when she gets too big. The seats themselves start to grip my buttocks like a vice and seem more like the size of my high chair as a kid.

So for those cheapo airlines who want to save more money, why not have us all stand? At least my legs will be stretched out.

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